Ways to support the podcast

If for some reason you actually enjoy listening to this show, there are ways you can help us to keep it going.


The best way to help us is to tell others about the show. Tell your friends, family, pets, hairdresser, grocery bagger, landlady, chauffeur, pest control professional, fortune teller (they probably already know, but tell them anyway), mail carrier, plumber, and pool boy.


Engage with us online. Most importantly, go to iTunes and leave a review of the show. Also, feel free to connect with us on your various social media platforms. You'll have ample opportunity to send us messages, all of which we will read, some of which we may respond to.


Make a monetary donation. While it may not be reflected in the final product, this show takes quite a bit of time and money to produce. Jesse has to toil away for hours to make this happen, and the other jerks in the band won't pay for his time. If you'd like to help cover some of his expenses (website, podcast hosting fees, recording equipment, etc.) please consider giving $1 per episode. Or $10. Or just buy him a sandwich when you see him.

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